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Wonderful Opportunity for Creative Folks on Short Notice

Do you know my friend Samantha Bennett from The Organized Artist Company? Because if you don’t, I think you might dig her – she’s really inspiring & funny & cool and has a way of getting you really motivated. And … Continue reading

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Fun Little Spoof Video … and non-techy help with WordPress

I got a fun video for you today from my friend Christina Hills. She created this spoof on of Little Red Riding Hood, and she’s calling it “Little WEB Riding Hood”! Poor Little Web Riding Hood. She’s frustrated. She needs … Continue reading

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Why we need others to become who we’re meant to be …

After generating the last three posts, I’ve taken time to allow myself to simply S L O W  D O W N … relax, reflect and write without thoughts of publishing anything while remaining open to sharing it all. Interesting … Continue reading

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Being a witness …

“Whatever is happening, just be a witness. Don’t be identified.” Osho Ah … so much easier said than done, but I’ll do my best and hopefully my ‘inner editor’ will cooperate as she did yesterday. I did find & fix … Continue reading

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