Where did the past 4 weeks go?

… or what’s been happening in MY busy life???  LOTS … and most (but not all) of it quite enjoyable!!! This morning I’m wishing I hadn’t upgraded to the most recent version of Firefox because everything moving slower than molasses at the moment … taking much longer than usual, but hopefully it’s just my laptop’s security getting used to the new way things work and everything will be back to normal speed soon.

Three rooms of my home have been de-cluttered thanks to help from my 2007 Taos ‘writing buddy’ Jan of My Dumbo Feather, and her good friend Kathy. After traveling from Minnesota to catch up with family & friends in Northern California, they arrived in Southern California for a two-day visit and stayed for SIX … putting their considerable organizational and Feng Shui skills to excellent use for about half of them … teaching me to do things in tiny steps … celebrating along the way … and I’m exceedingly grateful to them both!

Of course that leaves one more room downstairs plus a bathroom, laundry room, and pantry to deal with before I begin upstairs, but I’m amazed at what we accomplished in just 3.5 days of dedicated effort together. I’m caught up in the momentum and doing something every day to keep myself moving in the right direction, feeling confident I’ll finish the task much sooner than anticipated. Here they are on my front patio on their last evening ready to eat delicious pizza from Munchies, but I prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for them using my rusty but adequate ‘culinary’ skills most of our days together.

It wasn’t all work and no play however. Since they arrived on ‘Taco Tuesday’ we dined in the Barefoot Bar of Duke’s by the HB Pier then walked the Tuesday evening ‘street fair’ that evening. On Friday I gave them a guided tour of the local coastal area … driving out on the Balboa penninsula then taking the ferry to Balboa Island before continuing south through Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Laguna and all the way to Dana Point Harbor before turning for home. Unfortunately neither the Chart House nor Cannons were open for lunch so we ended up at Ruby’s Diner for tasty burgers instead. Jan and I walked barefoot on the beach at the shoreline looking at rocks & shells in the surf while Kathy (who had fallen and injured her hip earlier in the trip) sat on the bluff above overlooking the ocean.

The place seems lonely without them … especially since my sister & her husband left to visit family & friends up north for a couple of weeks, but Ms. Kitty and Molly keep me company and I’ve been busily catching up with gardening tasks … weeding, pruning, repotting plants, etc.

In some one-on-one coaching the past couple of months, Isabel Parlett (the Soundbite Shaman) has been helping me work through ‘money & marketing’ issues and I’m making steady progress. I’ve established a PayPal account attached to a newly established checking account for Labyrinth Journal so when my first journal is published finally, people can purchase it there. In addition, I’m participating in Lissa Bole’s free ‘Jupiter-Midas Effect’ virtual symposium and trying to catch up then stay current with the two-month intensive ‘Get Your Work Out There’ training with Samantha Bennett & Steve Harper because ‘life’ has tossed a few health related hardballs for some dear friends of mine and we’d all appreciate your prayer for healing, comfort, courage, and strength to face whatever comes. I’ll be attending the Awesome Women’s Hub Tour event in Riverside this weekend.

There’s more but I’m out of time for now. I’m closing this post with the exciting news that my first ‘Writing the Labyrinth’ journal with the theme of ‘Choice’ is at the printer and should be available very soon! If it’s successful, I have several more such journals on other themes ready to go right away. I’ll leave a link on this site when it become available, but this is what the cover will look like. It’s a cropped ‘portrait’ version of a ‘landscape’ snapshot of the labyrinth on the Mabel Dodge Luhan grounds taken last summer.

Thought for Today
“The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.”
John E. Southard
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