… more about My Shero’s Journey

I continue here from yesterday’s post with parts 4 and 5 of the 7 labyrinth pieces created for this series:
4 – When things fall apart …
5 – Discovering direct contact with the Divine …

Click to hear me read both pieces in this post in a single recording (3:02)

The remaining two pieces to be shared tomorrow begin as follows and continue the thread:
6 – The journey led me …
7 – Many are called and waking up …

I close with the same Thought for Today as yesterday
“How might your life have been different, if, deep within, you carried an image of the Great Mother? And when things seemed very, very, bad you could imagine that you were stitting in the lap of the Goddess … held tightly, embraced at last. And that you could hear her saying to you, ‘I love you … I love you and need you to bring forth your self.'”
~Judith Duerk, Circle of Stones

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