Being a witness …

“Whatever is happening,
just be a witness.
Don’t be identified.”

Ah … so much easier said than done, but I’ll do my best and hopefully my ‘inner editor’ will cooperate as she did yesterday. I did find & fix some ‘typos’ in the previous post this morning as I reviewed it quickly in preparation for answering the final two questions.

What do I know? (in no particular order & by no means an exhaustive list)
I’m …
a seeker after truth
lovable just as I am with no modifications needed but on-going growth desired
capable and creative though not necessarily artistic in a traditional sense
strong, persistent, determined, independent … some might say willful or stubborn
intelligent with a well-rounded education grounded in basic skills
stretched by an inner desire to know & understand deeper meanings & relationships leading me to less traditional teachings

kind, compassionate, caring, forgiving, and exceedingly grateful
interested in a wide variety of fields and issues
able to teach others what I’ve learned with ease & confidence
a ‘catalyst’ for change and
bringer of light

I …
smile naturally
laugh easily & often
enjoy life no matter what’s happening
love giraffes and other animals
devour books quickly
avoid newspapers, television, and movies
retain & can access information easily as needed
collect ‘quotes’ and share them with others
enjoy taking & sharing photographs
savor time alone doing what I love
take long walks (with & without Molly) along the ocean
make friends easily wherever I go
keep things to remind me of experiences after the fact
write endlessly to discover & remember what I know and believe
know how to teach myself what I need to know when I need to know it
need to learn to ask for and accept help graciously
embrace synchronicity and surrender to surprise easily
want to make a difference in the world & leave a legacy of love

Whom am I here to serve? (in no particular order)
Off the top of my head, methinks I’m here to serve:
women who feel …
unheard, unappreciated, and exhausted
cut off from inner awareness as I was for such a long time
tired of listening to ‘nonsense’ in the world and want their lives to be different
ready to assume personal responsibility and take action in meaningful ways

writers who …
believe they have something important to share
feel ‘stuck’ when they try to get their message written

coaches with clients who …
feel distressed, depressed, or at their wits end
have no language to express what they’re experiencing
fear there are no answers
believe things will never change

and possibly (here’s an after thought that doesn’t really ‘excite’ me but seems important to add all the same)
teachers who feel frustrated working in a public education system where creating classroom conditions to enhance learning has become nearly impossible now that …
‘basic’ skills (as defined by standardized tests) drive the curriculum (even though such skills have little if anything to do with ‘success’ in today’s world)
funding gets cut back yearly while the student population grows
music, art, and innovative courses have all but vanished
creativity is stifled in students and staff alike
disruptive students take attention away from those who want to learn
allowable consequences for ‘misbehavior’ do little if anything to effect change
minimal ‘respect’ for teachers exists in our society any longer (if it ever did)

Thought for Today
“A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.” Harry Truman


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