Who am I?

The short story is …
… I’m a happily retired public school educator, stepping into the ‘spotlight’ to share a unique journal-writing process that’s helped me discover who I am, why I’m here, and how to have fun following my purpose passionately on this planet.  Currently, I’m collaborating with a publishing company regarding a book I’ve written, and with a web designer for my ‘official’ online sites as I share my vision for and develop my online entrepreneurial business.  When that site becomes available, I’ll share the URL here.

The true spirit of my work is to build bridges for those who feel cut off from themselves,  bring joy and freedom to their daily lives (delighting in who they are, just as they are with no modifications needed) through playful interaction with unique journal writing processes.  This site is an intermediary playground in which to meet & have fun interacting with others attracted to giraffes, risk-taking through writing, mindful reflection and self-exploration.  A more detailed version of my story is here. I’m delighted you’ve dropped by and hope you’ll return to play along.
Hugs and blessings,

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