Of Standing Tall and Speaking Truth …

Sometimes I’m mystified, but I’m always curious and believe asking questions is always a better alternative to making assumptions. I’m a big fan of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  In addition, I’ve discovered laughter to be an excellent way to create a space for understanding to dawn from within. Thus I share this wonderful image I encountered on New Mexico Lightworkers page at Facebook and shared on my own wall there.

Does this marvelous image not make you laugh in turn?

Of course I’m not finished with this post, but since I’ve published it prematurely (and since I’ve advertized my blog on Denise Wakeman’s Blog Squad page at Facebook already … methinks I’ll let it stand while I continue to write about what I intend to share today, fully realizing I may not finish before my sister arrives to spend the day together as we usually do on Fridays. It seems as if I’m more ready to let things flow more naturally all the time … just as I do when I write the labyrinth each day in my journal and see what happens.

If you’re a friend or familiar with my blog already, I’m trusting the wisdom of Dr. Seuss because I know you’ll accept me just as I am … and this post just as you find it:

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

If you’re new to my blog, please check out the drop-down widget menu to see what’s here and choose something of interest to begin with … or page down until something catches your eye. The Labyrinth pieces have audio links so you can listen & look.

So … to continue:
It’s a puzzlement to figure out who sees what in the news feeds at Facebook, but it’s obvious no two people ever see the same thing. Lately I’ve been experimenting with ‘tagging’ and some other strategies too, then watching to see what happens while inviting people to comment, responding with an open heart & mind as time permits … writing from an intuitive place in myself with as much authenticity as possible. The results have been intriguing. In case you don’t know me, my Facebook wall is here: https://www.facebook.com/VirginiaEllenson ~ Although, I limit ‘friends’ to folks I actually know (or who feel like kindred spirits), I’ve enabled the ‘Subscribe’ feature and much (but not all) of what I share there is ‘Public’ so it’s visible and you can see what I’m thinking and writing about.

Ooops … there’s my sister so the rest will have to wait until I return (or perhaps tomorrow).

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