Living and Learning … Rowing Gently Down the Stream

Laughing and Enjoying Everything …
Even (perhaps especially?) My Mistakes (and the mistakes of others too)
Loving Myself and Everyone Else … Just As We Are

What I really do is THINK DIFFERENTLY and through sharing my unique perspective, I help others learn to think differently too. I listen carefully to ‘what is’ and respond with ‘stories’ that arise spontaneously, widening the field of view for all who hear. In so doing, I serve as a ‘creative catalyst for conscious choice’ by demonstrating new ways of being and seeing that I’ve learned during the past several decades through coping with whatever arises in my own life as honestly and authentically as I’m able … consistently Writing the Labyrinth to access guidance from within myself and all around me as well.

Today is May 28th and I’m leaving soon to have breakfast with friends and then walk a local swap meet. I wrote what’s above on April 19th at 7:53am … shortly after sharing an ‘addendum’ to my ‘Labyrinth Elevator Message‘ at my website. ‘Tis funny how old habits sneak up and sabotage my efforts to move forward even when I think I’m paying close attention. Although I’ve been writing LOTS by hand over the past several weeks and intended to publish along the way, I’ve not done so … until today. What follows is a bit of a quick overview of where I’ve been recently, am right now, and plan to be soon.

I’ve invested considerable time the past few weeks

  • listening ‘within’ to that ‘still small voice for the Divine’ along with a random variety of ‘conscious conversations’ found & downloaded from the Internet
  • writing my way through it all as a means to pay attention to whatever arises with heart-felt interest
  • watching many fears, doubts, and thoughts of judgment or limitation fall away and simply dissipate into the ether when closely examined
  • gaining clarity about next steps in my journey steadily
  • allowing myself to ‘move at the pace of guidance’ … being, doing, and resting as ‘feels’ right to me at the time
  • receiving assistance from the Universe with full knowledge that answers arrive as unexpected (often surprising) gifts in unrecognizable (frequently unwanted) forms
  • saying either “YES, thank you so much’ with relief filled gratitude … ‘Thanks, let me think about it and get back to you on that’ … or ‘Thanks, methinks I’ll pass for right now’ with a newly found sense of ease based on intention which honors internal priorities and outer necessities alike

and I feel an amazing level of supportive encouragement as if I’m propelled forward with gratitude and grace toward specific outcomes.

I’m moving forward with greater ease and joy with intention … without knowing exactly what comes next …

In addition, I’m …

  • taking regular walks on the beach with Molly
  • spending time tending my garden
  • connecting with neighbors and passers by
  • getting together with my sister regularly once or twice weekly
  • connecting with friends on the phone and in person
  • making progress clearing out clutter
  • meeting ‘kindred spirits’ at Facebook and in the Blogosphere

and generally enjoying life fully right here, right now.

Last week I drove to Santa Monica to see I Am, the Documentary created by movie director Tom Shadyac and it was everything I imagined and more! I didn’t even mind the long drive there and the even LONGER drive back in traffic … seriously! If you have a chance to see it, I encourage you to go.

I’m out of time. It’s 8:01 and I’m due at Susan’s house … so I’ll add a quote then publish this. When I return later, I hope to record, scan, and publish at my Labyrinth Journal website the three labyrinth pieces I created yesterday.

Thought for Today
“The course of life is unpredictable… no one can write his autobiography in advance.” Abraham Joshua Heschel

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5 Responses to Living and Learning … Rowing Gently Down the Stream

  1. Mary Armitage says:

    Astonishing energy of joy. I’m in my nightie and got worn out just reading about the activities….kidding. I’m really excited when I hear of how life flows into a rip roaring river of fun…brings hope to all.
    I started the day by having breakfast with a reading group and proceeded to buy 3 flats of flowers, 160 lbs of nice black dirt, took a quick nap, and then planted in the rain. Yeww what a mess I became.
    Many blessings.

    • Virginia says:

      Kidding or not, I can relate to you feeling ‘worn out’ just reading about what I’ve been up to because often I feel amazed (and occasionally exhausted) writing about all I’m doing so joyfully these days myself! That said, I have been happily retired from teaching for a decade … resting, playing, having fun, experimenting, learning new things, gathering energy, momentum & courage for this moment. I’m excited by the seemingly limitless potential & possibilities inherent in the present moment and what lies ahead.

      That acknowledged … your day unfolded much like my own. I ate breakfast with friends, proceeded to a local swap meet where I purchased a variety of cactus plants & flowers which I proceeded to plant on a warm summer afternoon … (working up a healthy sweat) … followed by a shower and time to relax in front of the television long enough to watch the final Oprah show I’d recorded but not yet taken time to view. It was an absolutely perfect ending to her 25 years on the air, and I felt synergystic validation and synchronicity with all I’m doing while listening to the whispers of my heart! Her work will live on in the hearts, minds, and actions of others, and I suspect whatever’s on the horizon for Oprah will be equally amazing as the last 25 years have been.

      So … thanks for dropping by and sharing your joy!
      Hugs and blessings,

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  3. Sharon Martinelli says:

    Virginia, I am breathless reading about your commitment to the process. You inspire me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing the resources – when I catch my breath I will check some of them out.
    I try to figure out at the end of the day what kept me so busy and all I can see is Hobbs chasing his tail and being worn out. You model discipline and for that I am grateful.
    Hugs to you across the land.

  4. Virginia says:

    I’m laughing with delight at your comment and wanting to pick up the phone to call you immediately … just because I miss you and would love to catch up. The thought of ME being a ‘model for discipline’ caused a ‘sudden surprising shift’ within me since I tend to beat myself up regularly for ‘not doing enough’ about so many things. The image of Hobbes chasing his tail is ‘resonant’ in a myriad of ways for ME as well. Of course, I do write daily no matter what. It’s a survival strategy that keeps me ‘centered’ in the midst of all that arises in life. I spoke earlier the phone with a dear friend whose husband has been in the hospital for 4 days and am praying I was of help to her. The two of them (along with all the doctors & hospital staff) will be in my prayers throughout the day.

    Ah … she just called again (as I was typing this) because she wanted to update me on progress she’d already so we talked for several minutes. I’m heartened to know she’s feeling better and has a plan. I felt pleasantly surprised as she expressed appreciation for my earlier support. I’m happy for her and doing a little happy dance with my feet for the ‘synchronicity’ as I continue with this reply.

    Thanks so much for your on-going support. I’m grateful to YOU and send my usual …
    Hugs and blessings,

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