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Meet my colorfully expressive creative self

… dancing joyfully with uncharacteristic flamboyant abandon! I hardly recognize myself. How about you? Kasha Mama shared this amazing ‘resonant’ image at Facebook this morning, and I fell in love with it! ‎”To be nobody but yourself in a world … Continue reading

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Synchronicity abounds … and the beat goes on

Recently I encountered a new friend at Facebook who happens to live just minutes from me. She’s familiar with and is planning to attend the Awesome Women’s Hub Tour stop in Riverside, CA this July (2011) and thinks it might … Continue reading

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What an AMAZING day!

I awoke at 2:22am (glancing at the clock brought to mind a television show from the past called Room 222 about which I have fond memories) and I rolled over hoping to sleep a bit longer, but that was not … Continue reading

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Life is a ‘carousel’ old chum …

‘Round and around we go … where we stop, nobody knows, but the ride itself is joyful and FUN (in oh so many unexpected ways) when we ‘play with’ rather than WORK at finding solutions to whatever situations arise. Danielle … Continue reading

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