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The Law of Unintended Consequences …

or … ‘If something can go wrong, it will!” but hopefully I’m learning all the time! I’m fully aware that being a perfectionist creates problems and limits productivity.  Knowing this truth, I’m trying to lower my expectations and allow things … Continue reading

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More about Mom and Me …

Four months later I wrote the following at Small Reflections (Click on link above if you like to see the original): I’m even more certain Mom would approve. My mom died of an aneurysm when I was 44 and she … Continue reading

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Feeling Giraffe Gratitude and Remembering my Mom

I appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received here at my Giraffe Journal, and am sharing a bit more today.  I’m delighted by the new, recent & long-time (somehow the word ‘old’ doesn’t feel right) friends my wilderness playground has attracted … Continue reading

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A few simple examples of my unusual writing style …

In the mid-90s, I began to create rather spontaneously what I thought of as ‘visual’ pieces of writing outside of my regular journal.  I would draw a line on a piece of typing paper and then write on it … … Continue reading

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Welcome to Giraffe Journal …

Every room in my home is filled with giraffes given to me over the years by family, friends, co-workers and students.    Although I’ve never quite understood just what prompted these gifts, I have always loved giraffes … and perhaps … Continue reading

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