The Law of Unintended Consequences …

or … ‘If something can go wrong, it will!”
but hopefully I’m learning all the time!

PhotobucketI’m fully aware that being a perfectionist creates problems and limits productivity.  Knowing this truth, I’m trying to lower my expectations and allow things to be ‘good enough’ … however doing so with any consistency has been far from easy. I suspect that trying to explain my recent actions here today will be confusing to most readers (who don’t get into the technical side of blogging), but I intend to try … perhaps simply to make sense of it all for myself and ‘fix’ the lessons in my mind so I won’t repeat these mistakes any time soon … yet I’m aware that this post may be yet another manifestation of my perfectionist tendencies.  Such is life!  Giraffes must think while they’re ruminating, right?

Animated Giraffe

Returning visitors might notice there’s no longer an ‘s’ in the name of this blog. That’s because I’m the ‘giraffe’ here and this is my journal.  I’m pleased to say I managed this name change all on my own just a few minutes ago … albeit, the hard way I might add because methinks I’ve discovered a simpler way just now.  To continue with my story, a few days after starting this blog I realized there could be some confusion down the line once I get my Labyrinth Journal website & blog up and running because Giraffe Journals ended in ‘s’ while Labyrinth Journal did not.  In retrospect, the simplest solution would have been to purchase the domain ‘’ and have it ‘point’ to labyrinth … (leaving Giraffe Journals as it was).    Photobucket
I wish that had occurred to me sooner since I believe there would have been no ‘unintended’ consequences to that option since the website isn’t yet available … yet since I’m the only one ‘journaling’ here, the ‘singular’ title does feel like a more accurate choice … so perhaps all’s well that ends well.

What I did instead was purchase the domain ‘’ to match the original (singular) labyrinth domain name.  Then I changed the original ‘giraffe’ URL with an ‘s’ to the new one without the ‘s’ … and had the domain with the ‘s’ redirected to the new ‘singular’ URL.  That SHOULD have been the end of it.  Trust me … I fully understand if you’re thoroughly confused at this point, but I thought I knew what I was doing at the time, and Lisa at GoDaddy tech support assured me people made these types of changes all the time.

MY confusion (not to mention panic) started later Friday afternoon when I realized the blog was visible and accessible to visitors, but I had no administrative access … so I couldn’t publish anything or approve comments.

Initially, I assumed that GoDaddy tech support would help me work through and resolve the problem, but unfortunately the first guy I spoke to at tech support (who shall remain nameless) didn’t know much about WordPress hosting and (with hindsight) I realize he didn’t fully understand what had happened let alone how to fix anything.  His only suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall the WordPress hosting for the new URL, but I knew enough to realize I’d lose everything I’d already published along with the associated comments if I followed that course.  I hung up the phone with a heavy heart, kicking myself for foolishly pushing the edge of the envelope to make things perfect yet again. (I know that no one treats me as badly as I treat myself at times, and I’m working on THAT too!)

To shift gears, I decided to take Molly for a walk and mull things over on my own … a habit I’ve perfected over time when confronted with seemingly impossible challenges.  Eventually it occurred to me that changing the URL back to the original domain with the ‘s’ just might put things back as they’d been and give me access again.  When I returned home, I called GoDaddy tech support hoping someone there might remind me how to make that change.

Fortunately I encountered Rick who not only listened to my request but understood clearly what I’d been trying to do.  He went the extra mile (using considerable resourcefulness and uncommon patience) to walk me through the lengthy, complicated process which ultimately restored my administrative access at the new URL, encouraging me all along to just stay with it and not give up.
I am grateful!!!Photobucket

Asking for help has never come easily to me. As I share the details of this experience, I’m reminded that I need to continue to ask for what I need for as long as necessary … believing I’m worthy and that help IS available. I do wonder if I’m the only one who falls into these obsessive kinds of traps, and when I’ll be able to release the need to be perfect … because I do know that ‘Perfect is Boring’ … thanks to Stephen Manes who wrote a delightful children’s book entitled How to Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days, illustrated by Tom Huffman.  I used to read it aloud to students each year while I was teaching.  If you’re not familiar with the story, methinks you can read it online here.

Thought for Today
(found in my online Page-a-Day Women Who Do Too Much calendar)
“I’ve always grown from my challenges, from things that didn’t work out. That’s when I’ve really learned.” Carol Burnett
“Success may not always look the way we thought it would.
Gleaning the learnings can make every failure and success more successful.”
Anne Wilson Schaef

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