A few simple examples of my unusual writing style …

In the mid-90s, I began to create rather spontaneously what I thought of as ‘visual’ pieces of writing outside of my regular journal.  I would draw a line on a piece of typing paper and then write on it … turning it to follow the contour … allowing whatever came to mind to spill onto the page.  Not being the neatest housekeeper, these tended to collect on horizontal surfaces throughout my home.  Friends who visited would pick them up and tell me they were wonderful, but to me they were simply random musings of my muddled mind. In time I learned to believe others really liked them, so I framed many to give as gifts to family and friends.  Eventually I trusted this technique enough to create Christmas greetings to send out each year.

I’d love to share better examples, but recently my wireless printer stopped talking to my laptop so I can’t scan any to share today.  However about 10 years ago a friend gave me a device called a ‘Multi-Mate’ to work with a now defunct Palm V that allowed me to create & transfer this type of writing directly into my computer. Although I could not find the original files as I searched my computer today, I did recall sharing a few in 2007 on my first blog.  I’ve located those images in that blog’s Picasa account and copied them to my laptop so I could upload them to this post. Here are three of them. I wish they were easier to read, but at least you’ll get an idea what I’m talking about.

You might notice in the last one that I wrote part of it backwards … and that reminds me of other oddities in my journal writing, but I’ll save those for another time.

Many of the original visual pieces are no longer in my possession, but I’m hoping to borrow at least some of them back to scan then reproduce to share in my book. If they can be enlarged, I’m thinking they might make nifty posters to hang on walls as well. Recently several friends have encouraged me to create greeting cards to sell and I’m considering the possibility.

These days I no longer draw a line to follow on the page. In truth, I have trouble writing in straight lines for very long … so my journal entries become convoluted frequently as illustrated below in a photo taken at my request (specifically to capture ‘shadows’ on the page) by Ruth McCully, a woman I met at the Writers Retreat in Taos this summer … but it also shows some of my writing.

Below is another photo taken by Christy Payne, a woman I met at the Your Purpose Summit recently who just gave me permission to use it. It’s easier to read than the ones above.

So … methinks that will do for now. I’ve added a link at the top of my sidebar to A Million Minutes for Peace taking place tomorrow at noon & invite you to check it out. In addition, created a giraffe ‘You Make My Day’ award for my sidebar. I want to encourage all who pass this way and leave me comments to ‘snag’ a copy to enjoy and share with others. I plan to respond to each comment as I’ve done on my first post, you might want to subscribe to both the RSS feed and the RSS comments feed (near the bottom of the sidebar) so you’ll know when I add posts and comments here at Giraffe Journal.

As I wrote in my first post, please feel free to stick your neck out and leave comments below. Share your reactions to this post & new site … your own ‘aha’ moments and/or pivotal life stories. I’m eager to meet you and want make Giraffe Journal safe space for interaction. In future posts, I’ll continue with my own stories and add more of my ‘convoluted writings’ … scanned from the pages of my journal … once I get the printer & laptop communicating again.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll return soon … and often.
Hugs and blessings,

Thought for Today
“After all is said and done, more is said than done.” Aesop

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