My Thoughts at Christmas – 2010

My Christmas card this year ended up a ‘mini-book’ comprised of six labyrinth pieces and I share the pages here today along with audio recordings of me reading them aloud … just because 😉

Today’s world calls for our conscious attention and creative ideas leading to unique solutions to existing problems. This past year I’ve used the following words (spoken by Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek: the Next Generation) at the end of my emails as a reminder to myself:

“Things are only impossible until they’re not.”

I offer it here as a thought to carry with you in 2011 along with my heart-felt encouragement to do what you love each day ‘forcing nothing and holding nothing back’ … because I believe it’s important for each of us to remember who we are and why we’re here on earth right now … then ‘show up’ and BE uniquely ourselves … just as we are … while encouraging others to do likewise … celebrating our differences even as we appreciate the shared characteristics of being human. A Course in Miracles teaches that the thoughts of God are 180 degrees from the thinking of the world. Since we see what we look for, let’s choose to seek and find what we really want.

May the Spirit of Christmas
be with you all year long!
Hugs and blessings,

Thought for Today
“When in doubt, show up early.
Think less. Feel more. Ask once.
Give thanks. Expect the best.
Appreciate everything.
Never give up. Make it fun.
Lead. Invent. Regroup. Wink. Chill. Smile.
And live as if your success was inevitable,
and so it shall be.”
– Notes from the Universe

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