Remembering how labyrinth writing came to be …

Press play to listen to me read each of the three pieces below:

  Audio is 2:43 in length

  Audio is 2:26 in length

  Audio is 1:44 in length

Thought for Today
“”The soul intuitively seeks the perfect circumstance and situation now needed to heal wrong thought and bring you the rightful experience of Who You Really Are. The soul understands what the mind cannot conceive.”
Neale Donale Walsh

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14 Responses to Remembering how labyrinth writing came to be …

  1. Joy says:

    These pieces are pretty terrific Virginia…and I just love hearing your voice. Now I know what you sound like. You have a very sweet, calming and friendly voice sweetie. I hope you are enjoying every day of your busy life. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you dear friend. Much love, Joy

  2. Virginia says:

    How lovely to find your comment when I logged in today! Thanks so much for dropping by. I appreciate your feedback. I am enjoying each day of my busy life and spent a delightful Thanksgiving with my sister & her family for the first time in several years so that was wonderful. I hope your Thanksgiving Day was lovely as well. I’ve just send off the final draft of the first of what I hope will be a series of Labyrinth Journals to be published. It’s exciting … and a bit scary too, but I’ve learned to be more comfortable with the ‘discomfort’ that comes with sharing what I write, and hopefully it will get easier as time goes by.
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Terese Spirko says:

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  4. Valeria Hellickson says:

    Hello, i found your website through google and hope you keep making more quality articles.

  5. Sybil Camelin says:

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  6. Driver Master says:

    You’ve made quite a few significant points. I don’t know if we see eye to eye on everything, but then again, who does? I have to explore it more. Nice article anyhow, kudos and ta ta! (Added this to FeedBurner, so enjoy! :))

  7. Top Driver says:

    Can I just say what a relief it truly is to discover somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about. You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light, and make it clear and as simple as possible. You definitely have “the gift”. 🙂

  8. Latanya Potaczala says:

    Helpful advice. I’m going to article a link of this podcast on my blackboard internet site for my students. Everything you said performs for discussion boards too. Several !

  9. Dina Walker says:

    I just found you through a post you made on facebook. Listening to you here I feel like you have been wandering around in my head, sharing bits and pieces of me along with your unique experiences and insights. I look forward to seeing and hearing more. Blessed Be.

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks so much for your visit and comment. I only just found it today when I logged on to share three new labyrinth pieces from this morning. I hope you’ll find them of interest. I’ve been struggling to remain healthy for the past few months, so I haven’t published much for a while … but I intend to get myself on a regular schedule again.
      Hugs and blessings,

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