How did it get to be MARCH and what’s happening right now …

2012-03-08 Sweet Spot 02 with signature (Large)

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  1. jzr says:

    Hi Virginia,

    Love the video and tried to read as much as I could as I can’t get the audio to work. We women are beautiful and full of wisdom and as we get older it only gets better. I celebrate my age everyday and the freedom it has brought me.


    • Virginia says:

      I’m not sure why your comment doesn’t show up on the outside of my blog Joan, but I’m glad to know you dropped by and enjoyed the video. I’m sorry you weren’t able to hear the audio. Perhaps there’s a connection between why your comment doesn’t show up and your inability to listen. Have you been able to listen to previous audios I wonder? Thanks so much for your comment. If it doesn’t show up when I post my reply, perhaps I’ll experiment with ways to make your comment and my response visible. Gotta love the challenges of technology that Lissa Boles would say are related to the planets currently in retrograde.
      Hugs and blessings,

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